In the November issue of Information Systems Journal, Ofir Turel, Christian Matt, Manuel Trenz, and Christy Cheung published a special issue on "Digitization of the Individual". In their introductory article, the guest editors introduce the intertwined three‐layer framework of technology and digitised individuals and outline important perspectives for studying the interactions between technology and the digitised individual:

  • Turel, O., Matt, C., Trenz, M., and Cheung, C. M. K., 2020. “An intertwined perspective on technology and digitised individuals: Linkages, needs and outcomes” Information Systems Journal, (30:6), pp. 929-939.
    Link to the article: (open access).

The Special Issue consists of three research articles that examine different perspectives on individuals in today’s digitized world.  Thanks the authors for contributing their excellent works to our special issue:

A special thanks goes to Editor-in-Chief Prof. Robert Davison (City University of Hong Kong) for his guidance and to the associate editors and reviewers who made this special issue possible by contributing their expertise and their precious time.